Today, while looking for phpwind5.3, I accidentally came across the forum programs I used in the past, such as ofstar, bbsxp, dvbbs, bbsgood, 6kbbs, phpbb, and so on.

Forums have declined after all, and SNS also used to lead the trend.

I couldn't help but log into those forums where I used to ask questions and seek answers. Most of the IDs were registered in 2006.

It was the year I was in my sophomore year of college.

There was also the sgcd from back then. I found a backup from that time in my email's cloud storage, and I'm thinking about whether or not to start again.

It should be difficult, as most people can no longer be found.

Looking back on the past ten years, I can't help but sigh. These ten years have truly been a failure.

Except for the strawberries I am still in contact with, I wonder who still remembers me.

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