42 Virtual Credit Card Application Channels

  1. Global Cash
    Apply online, rechargeable, supports WeChat Pay, simple card opening process.

  2. iHui Travel Card
    This card is currently the most convenient and easy to obtain physical Mastercard card, you can directly contact customer service to obtain a large number of cards, up to hundreds or even hundreds of cards at a time. This card supports websites such as PayPal, Amazon, Google, etc.

  3. Tap&go
    Supports WeChat, Amazon, Apple Pay, international Aliyun, GCE, AWS, PayPal, and many other websites. Requires authentication. You can buy cards at the Hong Kong headquarters or on a certain online platform. Minimum balance is 100, and you can recharge at convenience stores in Hong Kong or find someone online to recharge for you!

  4. 33 Finance:
    You need to go to the Hong Kong company to open an account, or you can find a certain online platform. The cards obtained can be used on most websites, including Obetong, Amazon, Aliyun, PayPal, etc. Recharge also needs to be done at convenience stores in Hong Kong or at the company, or you can find someone to recharge for you.

  5. Tierrapay Card segment 4665
    Registration requires a European address, such as the UK. Recharge can be done using PM or WMZ, and card opening can be successful without authentication.

  6. Transforex Hong Kong
    To open this card, you need to bring your passport and ID card to Hong Kong. The company has gift cards, with a daily limit of 3 cards per person. Tested, this card is suitable for platforms such as PayPal, Amazon, eBay, etc.

  7. Uphold
    Passport and address proof are required for application. Supports bank and Bitcoin for recharging.

  8. Payeer
    Currently, registration requires information from European countries.

  9. Advcash
    Registration currently requires information from European countries.

  10. Moneypolo
    Requires real-name authentication and payment for purchase.

  11. Wirexapp
    Card segment 4665, registration requires information from European countries. Without authentication, only Bitcoin recharge is available.

  12. Payoneer
    Comes with US, Japan, UK, and European bank accounts.

  13. Okpay
    Card opening requires passport authentication.

  14. Qiwi
    Successful card opening requires a Russian phone number (Russian cards can be purchased on Taobao).

  15. ecoPayz
    Currently requires authentication. This card supports most websites and allows unlimited removal and replacement of cards.

  16. PuFa E-GO Card (requires a physical PuFa card)
    This card can issue UnionPay, Mastercard, Visa, and AME cards.

  17. Yandexmoney
    The above virtual card channels are mostly issued by foreign electronic wallet providers, similar to Alipay in China. However, except for a few that support RMB and domestic bank recharge, most of them require foreign bank cards, electronic wallets, or credit cards for recharge. If you don't have them, you can recharge the website through exchange methods. For specific exchange merchants, please refer to the exchange websites and methods mentioned on the Chinese Electronic Currency Exchange website:

  18. VirtualCards (supports Alipay recharge)
    Minimum recharge of $50, successful registration does not require recharge to obtain card number.

  19. Payweb
    (Requires payment, physical card only) Can be recharged using UnionPay!

  20. Solid Trust Pay

  21. Skrill (requires registration of foreign account)
    Card opening options require registration information from European countries.

  22. Neteller (requires registration of foreign account)

  23. v-preca (requires registration with a Japanese IP, a few Chinese cards can be recharged)

  24. mun-prepaid (requires registration with a Japanese IP)
    Recharge with Japanese yen or at Japanese convenience stores

  25. Giftcardmall
    This website requires a US credit card or debit card for purchase.

  26. Netspend (requires VPN and foreign identity verification)

  27. Vanilla (physical card, requires foreign identity or convenience store purchase)
    You can also purchase from us.

  28. Transforex Hong Kong
    This card supports Amazon, Google Play, PayPal, and other websites. You need to bring your passport and ID card to the Hong Kong headquarters to open the card. You can pass the authentication with your ID card. You can open physical and virtual cards.

  29. Entropay
    Without authentication, you can open five cards in the 4067 card segment. This card can be recharged using the 33 Finance card, and you can customize the recharge amount. Authenticated accounts can open up to 10 cards and freely decide the recharge amount. Entropay recharge can be done using Tap&go and 33 Finance. It is currently the most effective recharge method for Chinese users. Tap&go and 33 Finance can be purchased in Hong Kong.

  30. Payoneer
    Payoneer is currently a very good virtual card platform. You can apply for it with your ID card. Unfortunately, it takes about a month to receive the card after applying. What attracts us more about Payoneer is that it has US bank accounts and offers options to apply for USD, EUR, JPY, and GBP bank accounts, which is very worthwhile.

  31. Mmvpaymmvpay
    Mmvpay is a virtual card platform in Singapore that can issue virtual Mastercard cards. It requires registration with a Singapore phone number. After testing, the account does not require authentication or recharge. One account can directly obtain information for 5 cards, including card number, expiration date, and card password.

  32. PayPal Mastercard
    This card is a Mastercard issued by PayPal in the US. It supports most website consumption, binding, and verification. However, it requires a US passport, identity, and bank card information for application, and it needs to be genuine.

  33. Amazon Mastercard
    Mitsui Sumitomo Card Co., Ltd. - Amazon Mastercard Go/dp/b0092vb6vk
    Amazon Mastercard is a virtual card account issued by Amazon Japan. Similarly, it requires Japanese ID card, passport, and address proof to apply. It is a Mastercard specifically for Amazon Japan.

  34. Cryptopaycryptopay
    Cryptopay is a virtual card in the 4665 card segment, and without authentication, it can issue virtual cards. However, it requires registration with an address and information from European countries!

  35. Capitalistcapitalist
    Capitalist is an electronic wallet tool in Russia. Currently, without authentication, one account can open 2 virtual Mastercard cards, one in euros and one in dollars. After authentication, four cards can be opened, including two physical cards and two virtual cards.

  36. Unichangeunichange
    Unichange is an electronic currency exchange platform that provides virtual cards in euros and dollars. If you don't have certain information or materials, the versatile merchants will definitely be able to meet your needs!

  37. PayzaPayza
    Payza is also an electronic wallet tool, similar to PayPal and other electronic wallets. Here, we mainly introduce the Mastercard virtual card issued by Payza. Applying for a virtual card requires ID card and credit card authentication. You can use a prepaid card that shows your name to complete the authentication.

  38. mycard2go
    mycard2go is a virtual card in Germany. The issuing bank is Wire Bank AG, and the card type is Visa. Registering an account does not require identity authentication, but you need to recharge before opening the card. After successful recharge, the card will be automatically activated. The card is in euros and can be recharged using KLARNA online banking or local cash, or online banking.

  39. Vandle
    Vandle is a virtual card provider in Japan. It offers Mastercard virtual cards and can be recharged at convenience stores in Japan or using Japanese credit card online banking.

  40. Chocom
    Chocom is also a virtual card provider in Japan. It can be recharged at convenience stores in Japan or using Japanese credit cards and Chocom electronic wallets.

  41. Docomokouza
    Docomokouza is a virtual Visa credit card issued by Docomo in Japan. You can even apply for a virtual card without review, but the shortest validity period is only 10 days. There is also a 3-year validity period, which requires Japanese electronic currency or credit card recharge.

  42. Nttsmarttrade
    Nttsmarttrade is an online virtual card platform in Japan. It supports Chinese interface and is very convenient. It requires recharge using a Japanese credit card segment. Mastercards from countries other than China and Japan cannot be recharged.

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