AMD graphics card open core

The price of graphics cards has been high recently.

Due to the outrageous prices of virtual currencies, mining has become the culprit of global chip shortages.

Now the premium for graphics cards is almost twice the original price.

The release price has become a joke. These latest graphics cards are almost going straight to the mining farm as soon as they leave the factory.

If mining cards do not drop to below 500 in the next two years, maybe no one will play large-scale games anymore.

After all, it's a game for the rich. Speaking of which, I bought this fat cat's rx560 4g power-free version for 650 on Pinduoduo before the Chinese New Year.

It has been idle all the time. Due to work reasons, I haven't tinkered with Hackintosh recently. This card has 896 stream processors, which is the original rx560d.

In line with the slogan of "A Card Fights for the Future," I tried unlocking the core to see if the performance would improve. So, after successful unlocking, the number of stream processors became 1024.

However, running a benchmark test, well, the score is not much different from before unlocking.

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