CyberPanel- Free Linux VPS panel based on OpenLiteSpeed Web engine.

title: CyberPanel - Free Linux VPS Panel based on OpenLiteSpeed Web Engine

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Recently, I visited the official website of CyberPanel and found that the version has reached V1.6, and the basic functions should be considered mature. However, the number of users is not very high at the moment, which may be related to the actual promotion and publicity efforts of the official website. Of course, there are also many domestic users' usage habits, because after all, as a control panel, we can choose one that we are used to, and there is no need to use too many. In this article, we will experience the installation and basic functions of the free CyberPanel control panel.

1. Configuration Requirements#

According to the official requirements, the server system needs to use CentOS 7.x, Python 2.7, 512MB of memory, and a hard disk of 10GB or more.

2. One-Click Installation Package#

yum install curl curl-devel wget -y
sh <(curl || wget -O -

You can directly install the latest version with one click. After the installation is complete, you will see the login address, username, and password.

3. CyberPanel Login#

When logging into the CyberPanel control panel, we can choose Chinese (Simplified). Because the control panel comes with language packs, we can log in and see Simplified Chinese. After logging into the CyberPanel control panel, the experience is quite good. After all, there are quite a few Chinese people in the OpenLiteSpeed team, so there is still a targeted hope for Chinese users to use it.

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