After the League of Legends World Championship knockout stage

Yesterday, from the beginning, IG defeated KT, who was known as the invincible super battleship. They broke the invincible myth.
It made me more informed about RNG's matches.
The result was surprising.
G2 defeated my champion contender RNG with a score of 3:2.
Although I didn't watch a complete match.
But I still paid attention to this match.
Five years.
Since S3, I have been following Royal Club. Hoping they could win the championship.
Year after year, this year they have been in great form and won the championships of major events. Almost everyone thought this was the most hopeful year. But the result was disappointing.

I believe there will be people blaming them.
But I want to encourage them more.
Since they have already lost.
Don't make excuses for the irretrievable "what if".

Today, EDG lost to FNC.
After experiencing yesterday's disappointment, I became more indifferent to today's result.

Maybe we always thought LCK was very powerful. We have been importing foreign players and treating LCK as our imaginary enemy. We have overlooked other opponents. LCS is also strong and constantly growing. Today's result is to remind us to respect our opponents, and no one should be underestimated.

Originally, I expected to see the second place team defeating the first place team in the group stage. Unfortunately, it didn't happen.

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