ASUS H110T+QNCT Hackintosh OpenCore 0.7.6 Booting macOS 12.0.1

I picked up an Asus h110t all-in-one motherboard on Idle Fish, thin ITX version. Together with a 19v4.74a power supply, it cost a total of 138 yuan.
The qnct version is priced at 400 yuan with a cover, and the memory can go up to a maximum of 2400mhz, but it won't work with 2666mhz.
So I used two 2133mhz Samsung memory sticks, totaling 12g. I didn't spend any money on them, as I took them from a laptop.
The BIOS can be easily flashed, and there are many websites that share modified BIOS versions. Just use a golden programmer to flash it.
As for the hard drive, since it only supports lengths of 2242 and 2260, I spent 170 yuan to buy a 256gb Toshiba SSD, which was taken from a Lenovo disassembled machine. There weren't many read and write cycles, and surprisingly, there was still content inside when I received it...
I used the Lenovo version of the dw1820a network card, which cost 78 yuan on Idle Fish.
Since I didn't have a SATA power cable, I bought a SATA cable with one to three connectors on Idle Fish. It cost 4 yuan for a pack of 8, including shipping.
For the case, I chose the Golem case, which cost 72 yuan and can accommodate two 2.5-inch hard drives.
For the hard drive, I have a 120gb Kingston sp580 SSD and a 1tb Seagate mechanical hard drive. I took them from a laptop, so I didn't spend any money on them.
I bought two antennas on Taobao for 10 yuan.
##Configuration is as follows
CPU: qnct six-core twelve-thread 400
Motherboard: Asus h110t with 90w power supply 138
Memory: 12g ddr4 2133
Hard Drive: 256g NVMe 170
Network Card: dw1820a 78
SATA Cable and Antennas: 15
Case: 72
Total cost: 880
##Bootloader Download
Updated to oc0.7.8

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