Bandwagonhost VPS Beginner's Guide

Unable to access Bandwagonhost official website#

Currently, the Bandwagonhost official website cannot be accessed directly. The official has provided a mirror address. Please manage your VPS through the mirror address.

Official mirror address:

Logging into kiwiVM control panel#

After purchasing a Bandwagonhost VPS, you will generally receive the login address and account password in the activation email. After logging in, you will see the following interface.

Click on the Services - My Services tab to go to the following page.

Click on kiwiVM control panel to enter the backend management interface.

Reinstalling the system#

First, find Actions: in Main Controls and click stop.

Then click Install new OS to reinstall the system.
Take debian-6.0-x86 as an example here. Select it and click reload to start the reinstallation, which will be completed quickly.

Obtaining remote login information for VPS#

Here, you need to record the IP address of the VPS, SSH port, and system password for easy remote management of the VPS using putty.
If you don't know how to use putty, you can refer to this article: Using putty for remote management of VPS
IP address and SSH port: can be found in Main Control.

System password: Click on Root Password Modification, and the system will generate a password. Record this password.

Changing IP#

Sometimes, you may encounter situations where the IP is blocked. In this case, you can consider changing the IP using one of the following methods:

  1. Submit a ticket to customer service and ask them to change it for you.
  2. Change it in the backend. Let me introduce how to change the IP by yourself.
    Go to Migrate To another DC, and the following interface will appear.

It is worth noting that there are usually multiple data center locations available for switching: Arizona (located on the West Coast), Los Angeles (located on the West Coast), Florida, the Netherlands, etc.
To achieve the purpose of changing the IP, we can first switch to another data center and then switch back. Usually, the IP will be changed at this time.
The data center switching process is fast and will not affect the data in the VPS, so you can rest assured.

I personally use Bandwagonhost's VPS.

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