How to resolve the issue of being unable to access the Baota BT panel after enabling SSL certificate

The Role of Baota BT Panel SSL:#

To prevent the sniffing of panel account passwords, this function should only be enabled when a high level of security is required or when frequently used in an insecure network environment. image

Common Issues After Enabling:#

1. Browser displays as not secure#

This is normal as it is a self-signed certificate and is not trusted. You can simply ignore it.

2. Unable to open due to lack of trust after enabling, how to set it to allow access#

We have provided screenshots of the methods to allow access in IE/Firefox/Chrome in the reply. Other browsers have similar methods, so you can try them a few times.

3. Unable to access after enabling the panel#

You can manually enter the following command in SSH to disable SSL:

rm -f /www/server/panel/data/ && /etc/init.d/bt restart
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