Guide to Avoiding Pitfalls in Hackintosh

The following models of Samsung PM961 / PM981 / PM981a / PM991 can cause macOS to fail to install or run properly.

Samsung 983ZET cannot install macOS.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus manufactured before May 2019 may have similar issues as the PM9x1 series, but the macOS compatibility issue can be resolved by upgrading the official firmware in a Windows environment.

Micron 2200S cannot install or run macOS stably.

Patriot P2000 256GB cannot be installed through the normal installation process of any version of 10.15, 11.x, or 12.x, but individual cases cannot be ruled out.

macOS does not support using Intel Optane Memory or Micron 3D XPoint for acceleration on laptops.

The following models have poor compatibility with macOS IONVMeFamily (may freeze or run abnormally):

Intel 600P/660P/760P series

Kingston A2000: The version with the S5Z42105 controller must be paired with NVMeFix.kext 1.0.8 or above, or it may not be installable at all.

Hynix PC601/PC611/PC711/BC501: Mainly found in Lenovo and Dell laptops, some batches work normally while others may freeze.


ADATA Swordfish 2 TB M.2-2280

Hynix SK Hynix HFS001TD9TNG-L5B0B

Hynix SK Hynix P31

Micron Micron 2200V MTFDHBA512TCK - The 256G version with the same Micron particles as the high-speed version cannot be installed.

Asgard Asgard AN3+ (STAR1000P)

Netac NVME SSD 480

Western Digital SN550/570/730/750/850 can be installed and run macOS normally.

Samsung 970EVO/Pro/Plus (after firmware upgrade) and 980/980 Pro can be installed and run macOS normally, but this series has TRIM support issues.

Corsair MP400/MP600 series can be installed and run macOS normally.

Most common SATA interface solid-state drives can be installed and run macOS normally.

Models that do not fully support TRIM (mainly affecting write speed under specific conditions, what is TRIM?) but can be installed and run normally:

Samsung Samsung 950 Pro

Samsung Samsung 960 Evo/Pro

Samsung Samsung 970 Evo/Pro

"Important Note": In macOS 12.0 and above, OpenCore can no longer modify the TRIM timeout value of the APFS file system. Some solid-state drives (mainly those with Samsung controllers) that perform TRIM relatively slowly will not have enough time to perform TRIM operations. Incorrect settings may cause slow system startup, so it is recommended to change the SetApfsTrimTimeout value to 0 to disable TRIM or -1 to disable this function for hard drives with poor macOS TRIM support. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable in versions 12.3 and above.

Models that fully support macOS TRIM:

Western Digital SN5xx/7xx series (not fully tested)

Crucial P1 1TB NVME (SM2263EN, not fully tested)

KingDian S280 (SATA)

Plextor M5Pro (SATA)

Samsung 850 PRO (SATA, not fully tested)

Samsung 870 EVO (SATA, not fully tested)

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