Cloud Torrent for CentOS one-click installation supports offline downloading, BT and magnet links, and streaming while downloading, a must-have tool for experienced users.


This article only provides installation methods and instructions for BT/magnet link downloading tools. I am not responsible for any copyright infringement or economic loss caused by the use of this tool. If you disagree or have any objections, please close this webpage!

System Requirements#

Can be used on CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu, as it is written in Go language.

Script Version:#

Ver: 1.0.3

Features of Cloud Torrent#

  • Supports BT downloading
  • Supports magnet link downloading
  • Supports searching for magnet links
  • Supports offline downloading
  • Supports streaming while downloading (format restrictions: mp4/wbem/ogg, manual input of link required)
  • Visual interface Web UI

Installation Steps#

wget -N --no-check-certificate && chmod +x && bash

After downloading and running the script, Cloud Torrent will be installed directly. During the installation process, if you are prompted to choose Y or N, select Y for both.

After the installation is complete, you will be prompted to enter the port to be opened (recommended: default 8000).

After starting, visit http://VPS_IP:8000 to see the Web UI interface.

Script Usage Instructions#

        #You can directly enter this command, it will automatically determine whether to install/start/stop Cloud Torrent
bash install
        #Install Cloud Torrent
bash start
        #Start Cloud Torrent
bash stop
        #Stop Cloud Torrent
bash tail
        #View Cloud Torrent logs
bash uninstall
        #Uninstall Cloud Torrent

Cloud Torrent Usage Instructions#

Cloud Torrent allows you to directly input magnet links or online BT seeds (does not support local uploads). Click the blue button below to start parsing resources.

Button Instructions#

After successful parsing, the following interface will be displayed, and the download will start.
Files allows you to view the list of files currently being downloaded, Start is used to start the download (the download will start directly after parsing by default), and Stop is used to stop the download.
Also, if you have finished downloading or clicked Stop to stop the download, Stop will change to Remove, allowing you to delete the task.

Cloud Torrent supports searching for magnet links. Simply enter the file name you want to search for in the input field, select a search source by clicking the green button, and then click the blue Search button to start the search.
Note: Cloud Torrent is developed by a foreigner, so the search sources are all foreign magnet link websites. The resources found are mostly not in Chinese, so this feature is not very useful unless you have specific requirements.


The speed of BT and magnet link downloading depends on the user's upload sharing and the bandwidth quality of the central server, as well as the bandwidth of the VPS used to download the magnet link/BT.
In some ways, this software is not as good as domestic software like Xunlei, as Xunlei has a large number of users who share their upload speed and a caching central server, which is why it is so fast.
If you are using a foreign VPS, especially one in the United States, you must be careful when downloading BT/magnet links, as it is easy to encounter honeypots and have your VPS blocked due to complaints. It is recommended to use VPS in Romania, where they ignore copyright issues. Of course, the speed will not be very fast when downloading back to your local area.

  • Unable to access http://IP:port
    This may be due to firewall rules. Use the following command to open the port
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport port -j ACCEPT
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