I am fortunate to have it, and it is my fate to lose it.

Some time ago, I met a girl from Hubei on a blind date microblog.

She is very beautiful, the type I like.

But I always feel that I don't have much motivation to pursue this girl.

I attribute the reason to my good self-awareness.

In other words, I am not confident enough.

I really feel that I am not good enough.

But I really like this girl.

We chat a few words on WeChat every day.

I always feel that I shouldn't be like this.

I'm a bit lost.

I have read a lot of inspirational quotes.

Some say that if you love her, give her freedom.

Or wish her happiness and so on.

I think these are all nonsense.

Love is contradictory.

There is possession, and there is sacrifice.

Mutual love is a matter of fate.

Love at first sight is about appearance.

In the end, I found an excuse for myself for not being proactive enough to pursue a girl.

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