Very biger Xiaomi Mix and very gimmicky Huawei Honor

I really like the Xiaomi MIX smartphone. Many foreign friends think that this phone is indeed more stunning than the unchanging iPhone 7. As a phone enthusiast, I think Xiaomi is at least exploring and daring to try. Speaking of Xiaomi, we cannot ignore Huawei. I don't oppose the independent innovation of domestic brands. Huawei is indeed at the forefront of all domestic smartphone brands. However, Huawei's online army is really too much, with all kinds of mindless boasting. It makes me unable to bear it. Speaking objectively, Huawei's phone appearance is not outstanding. Compared to Xiaomi Mix, the configuration is similar, but Xiaomi Mix dominates in terms of appearance. At this point, Huawei's online army will say that Xiaomi's quality cannot compare to Huawei's. I just smile at this comparison. Even if Xiaomi's quality control is not strong, it is still a low probability event. Who dares to say such things without accurate user feedback? Who can guarantee that Huawei's quality is definitely good? Regarding this, different people have different opinions. In terms of price, Huawei has no advantage compared to Xiaomi. Coupled with various versions of Huawei models being castrated and playing with words, my impression of Huawei is not very good. I previously bought a Huawei V8, and the promotion stated that it had NFC functionality, so without hesitation, I bought a dual 4G version. Who knew that when I received it, it didn't have NFC at all. Only the full network version has it! I had to return it. This was a very bad shopping experience. What I mean is that Huawei is not so perfect and has many shortcomings. Xiaomi's MIUI is user-friendly, but now it is filled with advertisements, which is criticized. In fact, before this, advertisements and promotions existed in the phones launched by various manufacturers. Every phone that comes out of the factory is packaged with various promotional apps. Xiaomi phones just replaced them with advertisements. This may be the reason why Xiaomi can lower prices. I use Xiaomi because I think Xiaomi is an innovative company. Although Xiaomi Department Store is just a joke, these things really surprise me. For example, electric-assisted bicycles, and so on. It's not that no one has done it before, it's just that Xiaomi does it better. Let's talk about LeEco here. I feel that LeEco is overdrawn its own future. Its so-called ecosystem is the integration of resources including LeEco Video. These are the main culprits who like to steal traffic. In addition, its UI is not very outstanding, and the appearance is average except for the high configuration. It sells at a low price, or bundles LeEco membership to sell. Many people who have bought LeEco will not fall into the trap again. This has led to LeEco's reputation not being good. It can't win people's hearts.

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