Hands-on experience with Redmi Note 7

title: Hands-on Experience with Redmi Note 7

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    date: 2019-03-07 19:43:46

I managed to buy the second batch of Redmi Note 7. The camera's photo quality is not very ideal, but as a straight male, I don't really care about the photo quality. It's decent for playing games, although I feel that the operation of Honor of Kings is not as smooth. Especially when playing NetEase's Non-Human Academy, the experience is extremely poor. The last-hitting key doesn't respond no matter how many times I press it. When playing with an iPhone, I don't have these issues. In terms of battery life, the Snapdragon 660 doesn't seem to be as power-efficient as the 625. The feel of the phone is good though. As a Mi Fan, the thing I can't stand the most is that the proximity sensor always has some problems, especially when the screen goes black after making a call. It doesn't light up again! Occasionally, when I swipe down the status bar, there will be a prompt to press the volume+ button to unlock the accidental touch prevention. I'm not sure if it's because I turned on the accidental touch prevention, it needs further verification. These are my usage experiences over the past month.

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