Absurdity, Wen Gu Long


(By Gu Long)

  • To the foolish me and the clever fox

The things I have encountered are far more bizarre than the most absurd dreams,

On a windy night, I met you in a place without wind;

Your shadow, like smoke, scattered and gathered on the window,

The faint moonlight penetrated your heavy palace silk robe.

Since then, I no longer hear the sound of my loud reading in the study at midnight,

All that remains is our gentle scolding, shallow laughter, soft murmurs;

A year later, you suddenly asked me why I was always drunk,

I smiled, only because I lacked the courage to tell you.

I dream that you can give me a sword to slay the traitors at will,

I yearn for wisdom as vast as the sea and wealth as high as the mountains;

Day and night, all I hope for is for you to grant me power and happiness,

Because I am already familiar with those absurd stories from Liao Zhai.

I have forgotten that your love is my greatest happiness,

And I have forgotten the loneliness and sorrow when there is no love;

One day, you smiled and threw a wishful ring to me,

Telling me that it can bring me what I desire in my dreams.

I ecstatically tested whether it truly possesses such magic,

But you had already sneered and disappeared in the silver mist;

So I gained wisdom and wealth but lost you,

And now, every night, I can only weep in front of my lonely shadow.

Last night, in the sound of rain, I woke up from dreaming of you again,

I dreamt of you floating in colorful clouds with feathered robes;

But you only gave me a cold glance and flew away on the clouds,

I can only hate myself for not cherishing love enough.

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