Comparison of several lightweight forums


The advantage of this forum is its lightweight and responsive layout. It is free and can be customized. The official website also provides a large number of plugins and templates for novice webmasters. It is easy to set up and user-friendly for beginners.


Although it can be used for free, there is a fee for authorization. The personal version costs 98. With authorization, you can compile your own forum app according to the official tutorials. There are two versions of HTML5 pages available for iOS and Android. There are also a wide range of plugins available in the backend.


Similarly, this is a forum program that can be used for free but requires authorization. The personal version costs 288 permanently. You can submit an application on the official forum to generate an app. In terms of functionality, it is more than sufficient as a basic forum.


This is a foreign forum program. There are Chinese language packs and some localized plugins available for Chinese users. The functionality is relatively complete, but it is not as user-friendly for Chinese users. The template options are also limited, and it seems that no one has made modifications. It has a responsive layout and is currently in beta version. It is not recommended for production environments.

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