The Embarrassment of Coolpad Dazen F2

Back then, Coolpad was just an unknown brand relying on customized phones from carriers for marketing. Later, they seemed to have learned from Xiaomi's focus on cost-effectiveness, and thus the Coolpad Dazen F1 was born. The F1 was priced at 888, which was quite a competitive price considering that most phones at that time were priced above a thousand yuan. With an octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM, this configuration was unbeatable for a price below a thousand yuan. It was also well-known for its ability to be easily rooted. I remember that was always in a state of flash sales, and this hunger marketing strategy was learned from Xiaomi. Later, the second generation naturally came out. Because of the foundation laid by the first generation, the second generation was priced at 999. I foolishly bought one, and after buying it, I was extremely disappointed. Firstly, the mobile 4G version used a MediaTek CPU, while the full network and China Unicom versions used a Snapdragon 615. Although the power consumption issue of the Snapdragon 615 has always been a headache, it had a lot of ROMs available. 360 and Coolpad happened to be breaking up at that time, and COOLUI stopped updating. Later, they even stopped maintaining it, and the Coolpad community was no longer managed, making the users of the F2 mobile version feel neglected. Not to mention the various strange occasional problems, the official ROM also had many issues. It seems that Coolpad only cares about selling phones and doesn't care about what to do if you have problems after buying one. Now it seems that Coolpad has been sold to 360, and there will be no more F3 in the future.

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