Laozi and the Supreme Old Lord

Laozi in history, with the surname Li, given name Er, also known as Boyang, from Kuxian, Chu State during the Spring and Autumn Period. He once served as the historian of the Zhou Dynasty's treasury. He advocated the philosophy of non-action and is considered the founder of Daoism by later generations. Confucius once went to ask about rituals, and Laozi wrote the "Dao De Jing" with over five thousand words. In various industries in today's society, such as blacksmiths, coal miners, utensil makers, knife sharpeners, and horseshoe makers, all worship Laozi as their ancestor. He is also known as Boyang, Taishang Laojun, Laodan, Laojun, Laozi, Laozi Daojun, Li Boyang, and Li Laojun.

The above is from Baidu Baike. > Taishang Laojun in mythology, full name "Yiqi Huasanqing Taiqing Ju Huochitian Xian Deng Taiqing Jing Xuanqi Suocheng Rishen Bao Jun Daode Tianzun Hunyuan Shangdi", abbreviated as "Laojun". He is a deity in Taoism and the legendary leader of Taoism, the third of the Three Pure Ones. He is also known as "Daode Tianzun", "Hunyuan Laojun", "Xiangsheng Tianzun", "Taiqing Dadi", and so on. The Three Pure Ones are Yuqing Yuanshi Tianzun, Shangqing Lingbao Tianzun, and Taiqing Daode Tianzun. In the Taoist temple "Sanqing Hall", his statue is placed on the left side, holding a feather fan. It is said that Laojun resides in the Taiqing Holy Land. In "Journey to the West", Laojun resides in the "Lihen Heaven Douluo Palace"; in "Fengshen Yanyi", he resides in the "Daluo Heaven Xuandu Cave Eight Scenic Palace".

The above is still from the all-knowing Baidu Baike. In "Fengshen Yanyi", it was said that after Pangu opened the sky, a strand of essence transformed into Laozi, Yuanshi Tianzun, and Tongtian Jiaozhu. Laozi is the master of the teaching, Yuanshi is in charge of expounding the teaching, and Tongtian holds the teaching of interception. The three masters of the teachings jointly established the Fengshen List. Anyone whose name is on the Fengshen List will be enshrined as a god and serve as an official in the heavenly court, bound by heavenly rules. How could Taishang Laojun, the master of the teaching, serve in the heavenly court? And why can't he, with his weak magical powers, even subdue Sun Wukong? I seriously suspect that this old man is hiding his true strength. But why?

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