Legendary Hunter 18, you finally arrived!

There is a kind of writer who possesses a seemingly innate storytelling magic.
Undoubtedly, Nine Knives is one of these people.
The procrastinating author who often swears with his ancestral testicles finally released the long-awaited "Legendary Hunter 18" on the occasion of the release of his film "You Are the Apple of My Eye".
After waiting for a year, we finally get to see the bloody and violent yet passionate battle in Tokyo. The ultimate showdown between the strongest hunter and the vampire.
And of course, there is also the extremely twisted "Assassin" series by Mr. NEVERDIE. You can never guess the ending of a Nine Knives novel.
Although some endings are quite random...
The complete collection of Nine Knives' novels is available in TXT format~ If you need it, please leave a message.

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