Myth or misconception

Title: Misconception

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    Date: 2023-07-04 09:19:35
    Tags: Misconception

You may feel that you haven't given enough and fall into a self-doubting emotion.

Being favored gives one a sense of invincibility, and this is true, a universally existing truth.
I don't need to argue, I believe there are many people willing to share their similar experiences.

I feel that I can deeply love her.

Last night, she played games with someone else until late at night.

I bought her a lot of food, but she didn't even bother to say a word to me.

The first thing she said today was to blame me.

I feel like I've been PUA'd.
For a moment, I felt like it was my fault.

The love I give is extremely humble.

All my requests go unanswered, like a false god, only greedily absorbing people's faith, but receiving no feedback, it is an exploitative and oppressive class.
We proletarians should fight against these demons and gods.

You think love is selfless.
But it is actually the most selfish,
You think you have the whole world.
But it's just pitiful charity.

I am just a detestable loser,
Not worthy of sympathy or pity.

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