Comparison and Experience of NEC VK23T and VK22T

Since I broke my previous NEC VK22, I was left with just a charger, so I wandered around on idle fish for another half a year. I bought this VK23. It was really just for a garlic, to make a dumpling meal.
The same thing is that they are both smuggled goods from Japan.
The similarities are that the A side is covered with stickers and the C side has a Japanese keyboard.
The difference lies in the screen. The VK23 has a 720p TN screen, which is much worse than the 2K IPS of the VK22.
The memory of VK23 can be replaced, but there is only one memory slot. This is slightly better than VK22. It has 3 USB ports, one HDMI port, one mini DP port, and a card reader. It also has a camera. It weighs a little more than VK22. It is only 12.5 inches in size. It is more than enough for typing, browsing the internet, and office work.
The model I bought is i3 6100U, which has a slightly lower frequency than i5 and cannot be overclocked.
But compared to 5200U, it is already very good. This mini DP can output 4K 60HZ, which is quite good.
There is an M.2 slot inside the laptop, which supports NVMe protocol solid-state drives with a size of 2242, and can only support half-length M.2 drives with 2 notches. There is also a 2.5-inch hard drive slot. It is relatively sufficient. The wireless network card is Intel 8260, which can be replaced, so I replaced it with the DW1560 that is more suitable for Hackintosh.
Yes, when it comes to laptops, I still prefer Hackintosh.
I will write more about Hackintosh in the following text.


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