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title: Hello 2018

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    date: 2018-01-02 12:25:57

image The new year has finally arrived. I just returned from Shanghai yesterday and it was almost midnight when I arrived at the dormitory. I quickly washed up and went to sleep. Overall, this trip to Shanghai was quite satisfying. I saw my good friend Lao Er whom I haven't seen in a long time, and I also met Xiao Xuan Xuan whom I chatted with for a long time. Xiao Xuan Xuan is really cute and she even prepared a gift for me, but I was in a hurry and didn't prepare anything. Plus, as a straight guy, I really don't know what kind of gift she would like. I forgive myself first. But I still feel guilty in my heart. I visited the company where Lao Er works. It's a pretty big campus, but it's far from Xuan Xuan's school. Lao Er hopes that I will stay in Shanghai and work together. I still have unfinished matters to handle, so I can only tell him that I will decide where to go after the Chinese New Year. Right now, I just need to work hard. As for improving my self-worth, I am still contemplating. This year marks the third anniversary of my grandmother's passing, and according to our local customs, we need to erect a tombstone for her this year. So all of us descendants should go back to our hometown. I don't want to stay at home for too long. It's because I haven't been doing well and I can't withstand the gossip from the villagers. In 2018, I hope everything goes smoothly. I hope my family is healthy. I don't seek fame and fortune, I just want to have a clear conscience.

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