Record a repair of a billion storage SSD solid state drive failure (reformatting)

Lao Sun bought a second-hand SSD on Idle Fish, originally intended to be used for installing Hackintosh.
The installation went smoothly at first, using OSX 12.13.6 with APFS partition format.
I went to work without putting the laptop to sleep.
When I came back from work, I found the interface frozen. So I had to force shutdown and restart.
Now the problem arose, the hard drive couldn't be recognized.
The reason found on Baidu was that the solid-state disk dropped. It's a common problem with second and third-tier solid-state manufacturers. I would recommend everyone to buy products from reputable manufacturers.
There was a tutorial that said it could save the solid-state disk in 30 minutes. I tried all night but it didn't work.
Then I saw the second method, which was to reopen the card for mass production.
After groping for a night, I finally succeeded!!!

Materials Needed#

Hard Drive Enclosure (USB Adapter) Screwdriver (for disassembling the hard drive) Card Opening Software (download at the end of the article)
1 First, disassemble the hard drive. After disassembling it, I found that the controller is a SMI 2246XT (you can also find it on Baidu, if it's genuine...)
The image is from the internet. The controller model is usually printed on the controller chip, which is the small one.
2 Short JP1. There is usually a label on the PCB. If it's the same as my hard drive, short the top two pins (I'm too lazy to draw, so I found an image online).
3 Connect the hard drive to the enclosure and open the card opening software sm2246XT_MPTool_O1224H.
4 After recognizing port1, there is no need to short.
QQ 浏览器截图 20190801131230.png
5 At this point, you should select a suitable flash model in the Parameter section, and the card opening will be successful directly.

Reference Tutorial Links

Card Opening Tool Download - Visible Only to Replies#


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