It's Christmas again, and for us born in the 80s, we still have a high acceptance of this foreign holiday. Especially during high school days.
I miss that time.
Some young children who are still in school may ask, why do these adults miss things from when they were in school?
Going to school was not fun at all.
I won't tell them that student life is the best time.
It was pure, passionate, without ulterior motives, no right or wrong, full of ideals and dreams.
Because reality really teaches you how to be a person.
I learned to slowly lose my principles, forget my dreams, can't distinguish right from wrong, and only chase after personal gain.
I might make excuses and say it's all for the sake of living.
My favorite singer, Pu Shu, when asked why he participated in variety shows, answered, "I need money lately."
That's how straightforward and simple he is.
As a once popular singer, he never participated in variety shows, but had to compromise and bow to reality.
Many critics say that today's society is becoming more and more restless, losing faith, and pursuing fame and fortune.
Everything is about money.
It's all very sad.
But it's something that can't be changed.
People still have to live, right?
That's what Pu Shu said.
We shouldn't be talking about these topics during Christmas.
I've gone off track.
Merry Christmas, my long-lost friends!

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