Ten years.

Title: Ten Years

  • Ten Years
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How many ten-year periods can a person have? I don't know. I only know that I have already completed three ten-year periods. Half a month ago, my 80-year-old grandfather called me and said that my family had found a potential partner for me. This woman is two years younger than me and from the neighboring village. We chatted for a few days, but it didn't go any further. Maybe it's because of my unlikable personality. I'm really sorry, Grandfather, for worrying about my marriage at such an old age.

I was classmates with Ring in high school and we were even desk mates. Just like in all those cliché second-rate youth novels, I liked her and wrote her love letters. Although I never confessed in person, she should have known. She didn't like someone like me, and I knew that too. Later, we graduated and went to university, still keeping in touch. After graduation, we gradually lost contact. This year during the Chinese New Year, she posted on her social media that she had returned. After seeing that, I immediately went to find her because I was leaving for Guangdong the next day. I met her and Ring was the same as ten years ago. The first thing she said to me was, "Peiwen, how did you become so fat?" I helplessly smiled and said, "Your personality is still the same as before." She smiled and showed me pictures of her daughter. Suddenly, ten years seemed to disappear in an instant. Our friendship is still there, but we have all grown up and have our own lives. Friends who haven't seen each other for a long time may not be as important in each other's hearts anymore.

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