Using putty to remotely manage VPS (beginner level)

Introduction and Downloading PuTTY#

PuTTY is a software for Telnet, SSH, rlogin, pure TCP, and serial interface connections. With PuTTY, we can remotely log in to and manage VPS. Download PuTTY at:

Managing VPS with PuTTY#

For the sake of demonstration, let's assume the IP address, SSH port, and system password are:

IP address: SSH port: 22 System password: password

1. Logging in to PuTTY#

In PuTTY, enter the IP address and SSH port number of the VPS, as shown in the following image
putty1 Click "open" to connect to the VPS server.

2. Entering the username and password#

After logging in, you will be prompted to enter the username and password. The username is root, and the password is the system password obtained earlier (note that the password will not be displayed).

3. Changing to a common password#

Then, change the system password to a commonly used password by entering


You will be asked to enter the chosen password twice, and the password will not be displayed. Press enter after entering the password. You can now use this password to log in to the VPS next time.

4. Operations in PuTTY#

Copy: Select the text and press "ctrl+c"

Paste: Right-click after copying the text

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