New version of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" actors' appearance value online, in-depth analysis of various young actresses.

Mr. Jin Yong's "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" trilogy has been adapted the most times to date. Among them, I have watched five versions of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" from childhood to now. They are the version with Ma Jingtao as Zhang Wuji, the version with Jet Li as Zhang Wuji, the version with Wu Qihua, the version with Su Youpeng, and the version with Deng Chao.
The most anticipated aspect of the new version is that Zhou Haimeng, who played Zhou Zhiruo in the Ma Jingtao version of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber," plays Abbess Miejue in the new version.

The new TV series "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" received a lot of criticism when it premiered, which is not surprising. Li Yapeng and Zhou Xun, who played in the 1993 version of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes," were also mocked by fans of the 1983 version for a long time. However, in recent years, many netizens have started to miss Li Yapeng's version of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes," as it has become a memory of a new generation, and they have also reached the age of nostalgia.

This does not mean that all the criticism from netizens is due to "nostalgia." The new version of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" does have some real problems, such as the "slow motion" that has become a hot topic among netizens. The martial arts scenes in the drama use a lot of slow motion, and the shots of characters flying in the air remind people of birds flying in documentaries. The excessive use of slow motion even affects the progression of the plot. Martial arts scenes are supposed to be exciting, but now they have become rare moments to rest the eyes.
![Yang Xiao][1]
The relationship between the new version of Yang Xiao and Ji Xiaofu is relatively full.
Although the new version of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" has been criticized for having too much slow motion, which affects the viewing experience, the acting skills of the actors in the drama are quite impressive, and the appearance of the actresses is also very eye-catching.

  1. Zhao Min, played by Chen Yuqi

Date of Birth: July 29, 1992
![Zhao Min, played by Chen Yuqi][2]
Chen Yuqi is a post-90s actress who is highly regarded under Tang Yan's management. She rose to fame with her roles as Princess Nine in "The Princess Weiyoung" and Demon Princess Liuying in "Ashes of Love." With her fresh and beautiful appearance and commendable acting skills, she has become a highly anticipated rising star in the past two years.
![Chen Yuqi][3]
In "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber," she plays the beautiful and mischievous Zhao Min, the female lead. However, due to the many versions of the drama, and the presence of previous actresses like Li Zhi and Jia Jingwen, it has been difficult for her to receive praise from the audience.

  1. Zhou Zhiruo, played by Zhu Xudan

Date of Birth: April 15, 1992
![Zhou Zhiruo, played by Zhu Xudan][4]
Zhu Xudan gained attention after her debut in dramas such as "Eternal Love," "Negotiator," and "A Thousand and One Nights." Her slender figure, sweet appearance, and delicate acting skills have won her numerous fans.
![Zhu Xudan][5]
She plays Zhou Zhiruo in the drama, while Zhou Haimeng, who played Zhou Zhiruo in the 1994 version of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber," portrays her master, Abbess Miejue. It is well known that she is an artist under Yang Mi's management and is the same age as Chen Yuqi, who plays Zhao Min. The two are rivals in the drama and also have a sense of competition due to the delicate relationship between their respective bosses.

  1. Yin Li, played by Cao Xiyue

Date of Birth: April 21, 1994
![Yin Li, played by Cao Xiyue][6]
Cao Xiyue is a new generation actress highly regarded by Ming Dao. She has portrayed the fierce and arrogant antagonist Jinzhu in "Princess Agents," the beautiful Cheng Mei in "Blossoms in the Wind," and the lovestruck girl Xia Yuan in "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky."
![Cao Xiyue][7]
In "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber," Cao Xiyue plays Yin Li, a stubborn character who is disfigured by practicing the Thousand Spiders Venomous Palm. This role is a stark contrast to her previous characters, and her transformation for the role of "disfigured" showcases her versatility as an actress.

  1. Xiao Zhao, played by Xu Yating

Date of Birth: September 24, 1994
![Xiao Zhao, played by Xu Yating][8]
Xu Yating, a post-90s actress from Hong Kong, plays the beautiful, gentle, and reserved Xiao Zhao.
![Xu Yating][9]
Xu Yating is a member of the "Girl Standard" singing group. After her debut, she has developed in both music and film, appearing in more than 20 films and TV series, including "Micro Exchange Girl," "Medical Life," and "The Mermaid." She not only has solid acting skills but also has a stunning appearance, making her a potential rising star with both looks and acting skills.

  1. Yin Susu, played by Chen Xinyu

Date of Birth: November 24, 1990
![Yin Susu, played by Chen Xinyu][10]
When the new version of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" premiered, the hashtag #NewVersionYinSusu# trended on social media, and post-90s actress Chen Xinyu received praise and support from countless netizens.
![Chen Xinyu][11]
It is reported that Chen Xinyu made her debut in 2013 and gained fame for her roles as Xu Ying, a cold and talented law student who secretly loves He Yichen for many years, in "Love Me If You Dare," and as Yao Shuer, a gentle and shy girl, in "Summer's Desire."

  1. Ji Xiaofu, played by Wu Jingjing

Date of Birth: June 6, 1991
![Ji Xiaofu, played by Wu Jingjing][12]
The beautiful and intelligent Ji Xiaofu, who is persistent in love, is played by post-90s actress Wu Jingjing. Friends familiar with gossip should know that she is the niece of well-known actress Wu Qianqian and famous director You Xiaogang.
![Wu Jingjing][13]
It is reported that Wu Jingjing graduated from the Communication University of China and started acting in her sophomore year with the support of her aunt and uncle. She has become an actress known for her acting skills through her roles in "The Secret History of Xi Shi," "The Secret History of Yang Guifei," "The Great Tang Female Inspector," and "The Investiture of the Gods." In 2014, she played Gong Sunlü'e in the Yu Zheng version of "The Return of the Condor Heroes."

  1. Yang Bu Hui, played by Sun Anke

Date of Birth: February 2, 1998
![Yang Bu Hui, played by Sun Anke][14]
Although Sun Anke is a newcomer to the film and television industry, she has shown great talent in acting and successfully portrayed the innocent and kind-hearted Yang Bu Hui, with a very pure appearance.
![Sun Anke][15]
Born in 1998, Sun Anke has also appeared in dramas such as "The Ghost Story" and "Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me."

  1. Woman in Yellow, played by Zhao Yingzi

Date of Birth: December 16, 1990
![Woman in Yellow, played by Zhao Yingzi][16]
Although the woman in yellow has few scenes, her stunning appearance and ethereal temperament leave a deep impression. Post-90s actress Zhao Yingzi not only has good looks but also impressive acting skills, making her a worthy competitor to Liu Shishi, who played the woman in yellow.
![Zhao Yingzi][17]
It is reported that Zhao Yingzi, originally named Zhao Hanyingzi, was a beauty queen at the Communication University of China. She entered the industry in 2011 and gained fame through dramas such as "Love in Spring" and "How Beautiful Love Is." In 2014, she played Cheng Ying in the Yu Zheng version of "The Return of the Condor Heroes," and her participation in "The Imperial Doctress: Sun Ruowei's Story" and "Chang'an Promise" has already generated buzz before their release.

  1. Ding Minjun, played by Tao Luoyi

Date of Birth: March 11, 1991
![Ding Minjun, played by Tao Luoyi][18]
In "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber," Ding Minjun, who is sarcastic and likes to play tricks, is played by post-90s actress Tao Luoyi.
![Tao Luoyi][19]
Originally named Miao Luoyi, she participated in the Miss World pageant and was among the top ten in China. After entering the film and television industry, she has appeared in more than 30 films and TV series, including "The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love," "Medical Examiner Dr. Qin," and "The Mermaid." Although she has not achieved great success, her outstanding appearance and superb acting skills have won the love of many viewers.

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