My Dream

I have a big dream, which is to be able to sleep until I naturally wake up every day.

I have a small happiness, which is to live with the person I love every day.

No worries, no arguments.

I have a big wish, which is to hear your laughter every day.

I have a small wish, which is to live with my dear ones every day.

No barriers, no conflicts.

Mencius said, "You can't have both the fish and the bear's paw."

So my dream cannot be realized, happiness cannot be grasped, wishes completely fall through, and desires have no expectations.

I wish I could be perfect.

Having money, power, a car, and a house.

I think no one doesn't want that.

How much effort does it take to achieve this?

How much effort does it take to evolve from my current situation to such a perfect form?

I guess it would take tens of thousands of years, just like a monkey turning into a human.

I can't boast about working hard.

I don't have that sharp edge, that spirit to break through everything.

I can only become one of the countless ordinary people in "Old Boy" who are so mediocre.

That's all.

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