Let me talk about the New Year's Eve controversy in the LPL commentary circle.

Title: Let's talk about the New Year's dispute in the LPL commentary circle

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    Date: 2018-01-03 15:23:20

Wang Jide, because it sounds like "remember", so his ID is called "remember". Before entering the LPL, he was the official commentator for LMS. In a game, he used a technique called "1.5 spray" and amazed the mainland audience. Later, he came to the mainland and became well-known by most players. As a commentator from Taiwan, before Remember, there was also Chang Mao. According to Remember himself, Chang Mao took care of him a lot when he came to the mainland. Naturally, I believe they are good friends. During the S7 Guangzhou tournament, when commentator Wawa was live streaming, it seemed to be a gathering of commentators. There were Miller, Wawa, Chang Mao, and others present. As for who else was there, I don't remember clearly. At that time, many viewers asked about Remember in the barrage. Wawa and Chang Mao mentioned in the live stream that Remember is a person with low emotional intelligence. He is not good at pursuing girls and even dares not to ask for someone's WeChat. After asking for someone's WeChat, he even said during the live stream that he hadn't added that girl's WeChat yet, which made everyone feel awkward. From this, it can be seen that Remember really seems to have low emotional intelligence. Luo Xin, as the host of LPL events, is quite beautiful, and I also follow her. I have watched her live stream on Panda TV a few times. It turns out that she signed with the Panda Star Show section, not with League of Legends. In Ze Yuan's shout-out, it was revealed that Luo Xin did not accept Remember's pursuit but enjoyed the treatment of a girlfriend, such as picking her up from the airport, delivering food, and playing games together late at night... As a man, this kind of behavior from a girl really arouses a man's interest, giving him the illusion that she might like me and that I still have a chance. As observers, Ze Yuan and Chang Mao clearly noticed that Luo Xin didn't care about Remember's feelings. There was an episode about League of Legends on a variety show, I can't remember the name, but it should still be available on Tencent Video. In the show, Remember actually showed that he likes Luo Xin a lot, and Luo Xin was secretly happy. But you don't like Remember. You can just reject him. Why do you have to use Remember's feelings? This is unethical. Perhaps Ze Yuan's approach is not the best solution. But from the perspective of his good friend, cutting the Gordian knot is not a bad thing. Last night, Luo Xin posted on Weibo claiming that she would resign from her hosting job. Afterwards, Remember also posted on Weibo claiming that he would resign from his commentary job in the LPL. It can be seen that Remember really likes Luo Xin. But by doing this, how can Ze Yuan and Chang Mao, who treat you like family, handle it? You have hurt the hearts of those who love you for a woman who doesn't love you. Remember is really foolish to the extreme. Put yourself in my shoes, if my brother is as stubborn as Remember, I would be very annoyed. It's not that you have to wait until it's too late to realize your mistakes. Sometimes, listening to your brother's advice is not a bad thing.

Yesterday, Remember posted on Weibo saying that he will continue to stay in the LPL. This is relatively clear-headed. But maybe he had a falling out with Chang Mao and the others. Sometimes, putting all the ambiguity on the table, tearing off all the fig leaves, is really an embarrassing thing. The situation has come to this. Give up on this love that has no result early on, okay? ----------- On January 13th, Wang Jide and Luo Xin both posted on Weibo. Thank you. Does this imply that they are together now? At the same time, the chat records between Remember and Ze Yuan were exposed. It turns out everything was for the little brother... Ze Yuan must be really angry. Chang Mao was also embarrassed...

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