How did we become mediocre?

Why We Gradually Become Mediocre

I am not sure how others become mediocre, but I can only talk about myself.

I feel that I am just an ordinary person.

Neither outstanding nor inferior.

Always lingering at the bottom of society.

I use "lingering" to describe my current life because I have a mentality of just getting by.

I have read a lot of inspirational books, and I have learned about many successful people's journeys from history and the media.

And I found that I can't achieve success and fame, only because I lack perseverance, am timid in the face of challenges, and am powerless in reality, lacking creativity.

I have always been walking on a path that most people choose or are forced to take.

I have no way of experiencing the small paths and shortcuts that a few people take.

This is related to the environment I grew up in. It cannot be changed.

Although I don't believe that there is nobility and virtue among the high-ranking officials, reality is like this.

I think bowing down to reality is a very pessimistic mentality.

It can also be understood as an excuse I am looking for myself.

This is how I find various excuses for my mistakes and laziness every day, which is why I become more and more mediocre.

Who doesn't want to live an exciting life?

Successful people are just a minority.

Most people just want to live.

Well, this is just my excuse.

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