Mystery in Journey to the West

The new version of Journey to the West has started airing, and I was shocked after watching just two episodes.

Recently, I've been reading Wu Cheng'en's novel Journey to the West.

There are some very mysterious aspects that I still haven't been able to find answers to in the book.

  1. The origin of the Water Curtain Cave. I feel like the Water Curtain Cave can't just be a simple cave dwelling.

Why are there stone bowls, stone chairs, stone stools, and stone ladles inside, as well as the couplet of Flower Fruit Mountain's blessed land and the Water Curtain Cave's heavenly abode?

  1. The origin of Patriarch Subhuti.

The most unfathomable character in the entire book is not the Tathagata Buddha, not the Primordial Heavenly Lord, not Laozi, but this Patriarch Subhuti.

This Patriarch can discuss the Dao and talk about Zen.

Even the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, Sun Wukong, who cannot be defeated by the countless stars in the sky, only practiced under him for just over ten years.

  1. Sun Wukong's generation was given by Patriarch Subhuti.

Why are Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing both in the same generation as Wukong?

If Tang Sanzang is a disciple of the Tathagata Buddha, and Wukong is a disciple of Tang Sanzang.

Then who is Patriarch Subhuti?

It is highly likely that he is one of the Western Saints, the Quan Zhen Daoist.

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