Reality is just that realistic.

I'm 24 years old this year, already considered a late unmarried youth.

In our village, this is considered a rare occurrence.

It's just in such a small village that still has remnants of feudal thinking, my aging father has arranged a blind date for me through a matchmaker.

Blind dates are not something that just became popular this year, but have been passed down from ancient times.

My elders, my peers, and even my juniors are destined to continue this tradition.

Under the urging of my parents, I embarked on the path of agonizing blind dates.

Blind dates are realistic, they are related to marriage, they are related to future generations, they are related to the prosperity of the family, they are related to the changes of history.

It's true. I'm not exaggerating.

The process of blind dates is contradictory and agonizing, there is excitement, there is panic.

I have to find someone I like to love, to accompany me until death.

So, even though the number of blind dates I go on is increasing, the success rate has not increased at all.

I feel disheartened. To summarize, there are several points that I have not achieved.

First, dowry. I currently have no savings and no outstanding income. How can I come up with nearly 100,000 yuan as a gift?

Second, a house. I have no confidence that I can buy a house before I die.

Third, a car. I don't have a car with four wheels. I do have a horse-drawn carriage though.

Fourth, a career. If I can barely make a living, I can never talk about being wealthy.

This is the reality.

Blind dates start and end in such question and answer sessions.

The hurried meeting ends with each person going their separate ways, leaving no impression in their memories.

The ideal society will always be distant and unattainable.

That's just how reality is.

Today is Qixi Festival.

I wish everyone with a lover will eventually break up. May the wealthy people find their partners.

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