Under great pressure

To be honest, the pressure of nearing thirty is really overwhelming. I'm not married, and I don't have any savings. I can't afford a car or a house. Although I don't rely on my parents, my life is not ideal either.

The elders in my family always believe that if you don't get married, you won't be able to find a wife in the future.

I once went on blind dates and job interviews because of this reason, which made me, who is not good at socializing, very embarrassed.

Of course, the results were obvious, none of them were successful. Recently, Xiaocao Mei is getting married.

I have known Xiaocao Mei for ten years. We met on a forum that I maintained.

I can't help but sigh that time really flies.

Xiaocao Mei is a "soft girl".

A girl from the second dimension.

Um, let's just say she is still a girl.

Although I am a homebody, I don't indulge in the second dimension, so I am not familiar with anime or Japanese.

Sometimes I feel ashamed that I am still immersed in the second dimension at this age.

Xiaocao Mei invited me to go to Guangzhou with her during the National Day holiday, but deep down, I wanted to refuse. The National Day holiday is already crowded, and the road to Guangzhou is congested. It's not worth it. Besides, I don't want to disturb their world as a third wheel and be a shining person.

I am not familiar with her husband at all, to be precise, I have only seen him in pictures and have never interacted with him in person.

This is also the reason why I refused to go.

It's unlikely that our paths will cross in this lifetime.

Among my cousins, except for me, only a few younger ones are not married.

Most of my younger cousins have already had a second child.

I feel like I'm losing this competition.

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