The beginning of a week

Today is August 8th, Monday.

The beginning of autumn.

Some people on the internet call today Father's Day.

I woke up early and went to Gongbei to transfer.

It was drizzling at that time.

As usual, I would buy a plate of fried rice noodles for breakfast at Gongbei Station, and then wait for Bus 31 at the bus stop.

There are always many people on the buses in Zhuhai, and after the price reduction, the buses are even more crowded.

They are all people going to work.

In a rush, they squeeze onto the bus desperately.

It's like stuffing meat into a sausage casing at home.

I like watching these hurried passers-by.

Although I feel it would be very crowded.

I arrived at the station at 8:20, and the weather was already sunny.

The sun was a bit scorching. I had to face the sun and head towards the direction of the company.

It's quite a distance.

I arrived at the company just in time to clock in at 8:30.

The working environment is really not that great.

As soon as I entered the laboratory, a wave of heat hit me.

Under such circumstances, anyone would complain.

This is the downside of a small company, always nitpicking.

If the air conditioner is still working, they won't bother fixing it.

It doesn't cool at all. They don't care either.

Hot. Stuffy.

I'm too lazy to move because of the heat.

While chatting and joking around, I printed a few pictures, tested a few ink cartridges, and then wrote a printing test report.


That's how the day went by.

What a fulfilling day.

It was really fucking meaningful.

PS If today is Father's Day, I wish my dad good health and a long life.

Although his son doesn't listen very well and often makes him angry.

But the son has grown up.

Please try not to worry about things that you don't need to worry about.

Getting angry will only harm your health, and your son feels guilty too.

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