The Current Situation of Chinese-style Blind Dates

Recently, Mango TV has been airing "My Daughter"

I've been watching it, and what I particularly like is Jiao Junyan, beautiful and elegant, especially when she's without makeup

One of the most common concerns for all fathers

Their children's marriage

Speaking of which, the most common approach is blind dates.

Blind dates are when two people who wouldn't have crossed paths otherwise are brought together by the magical existence of matchmakers.

Of course, I don't resist blind dates. Blind dates do solve the problem of a small social circle for many people, but the meaning of blind dates often lies in the idea of matching social status.

Thinking about it, it's not wrong.

Different upbringing leads to different values.

Reducing risks.

What I can't tolerate the most is the individual thoughts on the internet.

They believe that having a lower education level means being left over by others.

These people have a strange sense of superiority, thinking that they should be sold at a certain price.

It's like saying I'm a woman you can't afford.

I really can't agree with this absurd viewpoint.

Many highly educated people tend to be more cautious about their own marriage.

Although marriage and love cannot be equated, love is still the foundation.

Men and women in blind dates are like doing business.

I have a house, a car, an education, a job, and savings. What do you have?

To put it bluntly, one is like comparing prices at three stores, and the other is like waiting for the right price.

Indeed, buying and selling marriage is also a thing.

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