Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Slept until noon.

Went to Aunt's house for a meal.

Had a glass of Maotai, got drunk.

Slept until three or four o'clock.

Played 2 rounds of mahjong and lost forty-five.

Played a game of Go without rules with my cousin.

It was super boring.

After dinner, stood on the 17th floor and watched the fireworks in Macau.

Although they were splendid, it was just a moment.

Although it's very late now.

Before the end of the 2011 Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish for my parents' health to improve, and I wish for my grandparents to be in good health.

I wish for all my relatives and friends to have everything go well.

As my little cousin said, I wish you all progress in your studies... - -!

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