On November 18, 2011, Tuesday, the weather was sunny.

I admit that I have become lazier.

I hardly have any time to update my blog.

Mainly because I don't have the desire to write.

I'm playing Tencent's game "H2".

It's a turn-based game similar to Dream of the Three Kingdoms.

The four races seem like Big Talk, but the racial skills are like Dream of the Three Kingdoms.

It has unique gameplay, but I still feel that this kind of game can be tiring.

Everyone has the desire to become stronger.

You need powerful skills and top-notch equipment and pets.

All of these require time and effort.


I have really put in some effort.

But I'm also tired.

These games are not as entertaining as playing San Guo Sha or Dragon Nest.

PS, I have an interview at the Nanxiang Bus Station Industrial and Commercial Bank next to the South Xiangli at 2 pm in the afternoon.

Updated in June 2023

This game eventually went online and operated for two years, and then it stopped operating hastily.

The name when it went online seems to be called QQ Xianling.

The lame name makes people not want to play.

It doesn't even have the eye-catching ability of turn-based games like Dream of the Three Kingdoms or Dream of the Red Chamber or Dream of the Ancient Dragon.

Coupled with Tencent's desire to make people spend money, without considering the fun of the game at all.

Look at how Dream of the Three Kingdoms has stood the test of time, with many people spending money, but why are there still so many people playing?

The most important thing is the balance of the economic system.

The production and consumption of all items in the game are balanced.

If there is too much currency production that cannot be consumed, it will naturally lead to inflation, soaring prices, and ordinary players will gradually lose interest and give up.

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